It’s absolutely fine to have sexual desires. Flings or one night stands are are not a disgrace. Enjoy your personal space and relax….


There’s no algorithm fot flings like in relationships. It’s intimacy. It doesn’t mind if a girl is pretty or she’s attractive. A good guy rocks the bed in a fling. That’s it. You have a separate guy to rock  your life. That’s in a relationship.  Explore your sexuality, being romantic, being lusted, being touched.

Why are flings sidelined? It’s the same as being in a relationship, only it’s not love. It’s lust. If a friend with benefits is offering you his or her sexual benefits. Why isn’t it declared???!

The friendliness of Friends have earned them the tag  of ‘friendzoned’. If you aren’t Friends, not even on Facebook, yet you’ve caught each other’s attention, what are you waiting for?

Friendzoned isn’t going to help.Be Flingzoned…!!!



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