Kissed by a Wolverine

(This exciting piece is purely a work of fiction for #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri. Wolverine is fictional. Hugh Jackman and I are awesome kissers. That’s non-fictional…!!!)


“..that’s feminism.” Rita drove her point home. We waited for the elevator in Hotel O. Her explanations had become long like 280  character-long tweets!

“This is Pune. NOT Paris. We’re bloggers. NOT travel buddies. It’s 2017, NOT…” I couldn’t continue.

“What’s wrong with Pune? Haven’t we earned our Freedom of Expression? Have you become a Sanghi? Did you vote for Modi…??

“Subzeeee…!!!” I screamed and took the stairs almost getting away. It was getting claustrophobic like earlier – chaos with questions while boarding flights. Only today, it was Twitter philosophy.

“You remember that name…Yuvi?” Rita asked meekly from downstairs. It made me stop midway on the stairs.

“Everything…, everyday…, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich.., flights, fights…, Wolverine, kisses…,” I muttered.

Turning around on the stairs, I bent and kissed her… hard. The Wolverine beard wasn’t soft anymore but Rita’s foot popped…!

Tina Basu



      1. Never asked her. In Europe, we just chatted about ideal kisses. In Pune, gave her a ‘foot-popping’ kiss, just the way she wanted… We haven’t spoke of it much. I don’t know why!


      2. Some things need to be felt only, not said. Must be the surprise act or the fact that you coupled it with something she liked or wanted to experience, it could be anything. Girls usually don’t keep it inside. My guess is, she will talk. 😉

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  1. Her ‘foot popped’. It spoke volumes.
    Sometimes, we shouldn’t dig up the past.
    Anyways…Wonder why girls love to be kissed by a bearded guy! You should check my Gravtar pic for that exact beard.



    1. There’s a point of no return, Mua. It’s much far from London, Amsterdam, Paris or Zurich or even Pune. Love ended with the Europe tour. Wolverine lives however… Temptation of those footpopping kisses lives.



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