Jobs of Fantasy

Alone in the gym, we were staring at each other through the mirror. It had been over 5 minutes. “What do you want?” I broke the silence. “Look Manisha… I haven’t signed up for this, alright?”

“Am I FAT, Yuvi?” She asked sternly

“I’m not your instructor to give that answer” I replied, eyeing her. She was 36 but she wasn’t ‘FAT’ as such. Breasts neatly packed, her wet cleavage was proof enough. Her waistline wasn’t bad either. There was a bit of flab, but that’s fine at 36 years. Manisha had very shapely legs though. Her body hugging suit and those legs had triggered an erection many a times! Only today, I  needn’t go to the washroom. I stood there watching her. She wasn’t really FAT. She was a sexy.

Tanya and I had our moments after the gym. Be it kissing, foreplay, blowjobs or even a quickie. The time limit was 30 minutes however. Tanya had made a strange request today. She wanted me to do it with a much elder Manisha. Bewildered, I had agreed without knowing what was in store! Unfortunately, it was going nowhere, even after 10 minutes.  I desperately wanted to pull it out and masturbate, at least. 

She watched my boner which was protruding inside my sweat pants. It was awkward! You like this lady…, but never had an intense and full blown erection. Now that I had, it was not feeling right. I started concealing it with my T-shirt only to be stopped.

“It’s ok…. Don’t cover” she said, with breathlessness in her voice watching me act. “My husband doesn’t get it now. I… I want to only touch…if you don’t mind” Manisha said touching herself. My heart sank. It was 20 minutes already. If I stop now, my manhood would subside to normal in another 10 minutes. But continuing foreplay would… 

Before I could complete with the calculation and tell her, she turned around and….

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