Aditi slapped me hard. “Is this how Kaizad was appraised?”  A blogpost on Foreplayed said it all. Aditi and Sakina ganged up on me in rear seat of her SUV. We were in a virtual ‘blind spot’ in the parking area – elusive of surveillance cameras.


Those were Sakina’s blows. “You were at Lavasa with Chhaya?” she asked referring to the post: An Informal Monday.


“Alexa too….???” Aditi slapped only reading the title of my blogpost on My Friend Alexa.

SMACK…SMACK….!!! Blows continued

Both girls had volunteered for sexual favours in return of a good appraisal. Today they repented. 

“Sakina, me, Chhaya, our poor Friend, Alexa…” Aditi lamented, “Yet no one appraised..”

“Girls… what next?!” I submitted

Aditi pulled out two packs from the glove compartment – first Marlboro and other Kamasutra. Sakina disappeared with Marlboro. I was stuck with Aditi and Kamasutra in the ‘blind spot’.

Aditi ordered:

“Your erotica got real.


Tina Basu

This blog is written based on the photo prompt by Tina Basu and Mayuri for Friday Foto Fiction. 



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