Swiss Sex

It was Zurich and it was freezing. Akanksha lit a fire in the fireplace. She needed good sex.

Slipping out of her clothes, she threw her arms around her Swiss colleague. They stood next to the fireplace as her lips found his and breasts crushed against his chest. “मस्त हैं….” she teased triumphantly groping his erection.

“Ich möchte deine Weiblichkeit finden..!” he smiled pinning Akanksha against the wall. Both understood the body language. His organ touched her vagina asking for consent. Involuntarily, she opened up and the Swiss penetrated with all possible force in his pelvic thrusts.

“Ja…!” a masculine triumph resounded. Neither her ex boyfriends or her husband had such a length or stamina like this European.

“Besser heir…. near Fire….nicht im Bett, nein?”

“तू सिर्फ करते जा.. !”  She laughed.

Matching his rhythm, she orgasmed. Finally a man was inside when it happened!

“Brauchst mehr?” He asked gently.

“हाँ…” Akanksha agreed.

Tina Basu

(This blog post is written for #FridayFotoFiction. Prompt by Tina & Mayuri)

Count: 151 words



    1. A father raping his daughter type of post around Fire is permissible in #FridayFotoFiction, Tina. My post is pure seduction. It’s sex with consent. Why can’t it be considered?



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