Swiss Sex

It was Zurich and it was freezing. Akanksha lit a fire in the fireplace. She needed good sex.

Slipping out of her clothes, she threw her arms around her Swiss colleague. They stood next to the fireplace as her lips found his and breasts crushed against his chest. “मस्त हैं….” she teased triumphantly groping his erection.

“Ich möchte deine Weiblichkeit finden..!” he smiled pinning Akanksha against the wall. Both understood the body language. His organ touched her vagina asking for consent. Involuntarily, she opened up and the Swiss penetrated with all possible force in his pelvic thrusts.

“Ja…!” a masculine triumph resounded. Neither her ex boyfriends or her husband had such a length or stamina like this European.

“Besser heir…. near Fire….nicht im Bett, nein?”

“तू सिर्फ करते जा.. !”  She laughed.

Matching his rhythm, she orgasmed. Finally a man was inside when it happened!

“Brauchst mehr?” He asked gently.

“हाँ…” Akanksha agreed.

Tina Basu

(This blog post is written for #FridayFotoFiction. Prompt by Tina & Mayuri)

Count: 151 words




Aditi slapped me hard. “Is this how Kaizad was appraised?”  A blogpost on Foreplayed said it all. Aditi and Sakina ganged up on me in rear seat of her SUV. We were in a virtual ‘blind spot’ in the parking area – elusive of surveillance cameras.


Those were Sakina’s blows. “You were at Lavasa with Chhaya?” she asked referring to the post: An Informal Monday.


“Alexa too….???” Aditi slapped only reading the title of my blogpost on My Friend Alexa.

SMACK…SMACK….!!! Blows continued

Both girls had volunteered for sexual favours in return of a good appraisal. Today they repented. 

“Sakina, me, Chhaya, our poor Friend, Alexa…” Aditi lamented, “Yet no one appraised..”

“Girls… what next?!” I submitted

Aditi pulled out two packs from the glove compartment – first Marlboro and other Kamasutra. Sakina disappeared with Marlboro. I was stuck with Aditi and Kamasutra in the ‘blind spot’.

Aditi ordered:

“Your erotica got real.


Tina Basu

This blog is written based on the photo prompt by Tina Basu and Mayuri for Friday Foto Fiction. 

Jobs of Fantasy

Alone in the gym, we were staring at each other through the mirror. It had been over 5 minutes. “What do you want?” I broke the silence. “Look Manisha… I haven’t signed up for this, alright?”

“Am I FAT, Yuvi?” She asked sternly

“I’m not your instructor to give that answer” I replied, eyeing her. She was 36 but she wasn’t ‘FAT’ as such. Breasts neatly packed, her wet cleavage was proof enough. Her waistline wasn’t bad either. There was a bit of flab, but that’s fine at 36 years. Manisha had very shapely legs though. Her body hugging suit and those legs had triggered an erection many a times! Only today, I  needn’t go to the washroom. I stood there watching her. She wasn’t really FAT. She was a sexy.

Tanya and I had our moments after the gym. Be it kissing, foreplay, blowjobs or even a quickie. The time limit was 30 minutes however. Tanya had made a strange request today. She wanted me to do it with a much elder Manisha. Bewildered, I had agreed without knowing what was in store! Unfortunately, it was going nowhere, even after 10 minutes.  I desperately wanted to pull it out and masturbate, at least. 

She watched my boner which was protruding inside my sweat pants. It was awkward! You like this lady…, but never had an intense and full blown erection. Now that I had, it was not feeling right. I started concealing it with my T-shirt only to be stopped.

“It’s ok…. Don’t cover” she said, with breathlessness in her voice watching me act. “My husband doesn’t get it now. I… I want to only touch…if you don’t mind” Manisha said touching herself. My heart sank. It was 20 minutes already. If I stop now, my manhood would subside to normal in another 10 minutes. But continuing foreplay would… 

Before I could complete with the calculation and tell her, she turned around and….

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Kissed by a Wolverine

(This exciting piece is purely a work of fiction for #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri. Wolverine is fictional. Hugh Jackman and I are awesome kissers. That’s non-fictional…!!!)


“..that’s feminism.” Rita drove her point home. We waited for the elevator in Hotel O. Her explanations had become long like 280  character-long tweets!

“This is Pune. NOT Paris. We’re bloggers. NOT travel buddies. It’s 2017, NOT…” I couldn’t continue.

“What’s wrong with Pune? Haven’t we earned our Freedom of Expression? Have you become a Sanghi? Did you vote for Modi…??

“Subzeeee…!!!” I screamed and took the stairs almost getting away. It was getting claustrophobic like earlier – chaos with questions while boarding flights. Only today, it was Twitter philosophy.

“You remember that name…Yuvi?” Rita asked meekly from downstairs. It made me stop midway on the stairs.

“Everything…, everyday…, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich.., flights, fights…, Wolverine, kisses…,” I muttered.

Turning around on the stairs, I bent and kissed her… hard. The Wolverine beard wasn’t soft anymore but Rita’s foot popped…!

Tina Basu


It’s absolutely fine to have sexual desires. Flings or one night stands are are not a disgrace. Enjoy your personal space and relax….


There’s no algorithm fot flings like in relationships. It’s intimacy. It doesn’t mind if a girl is pretty or she’s attractive. A good guy rocks the bed in a fling. That’s it. You have a separate guy to rock  your life. That’s in a relationship.  Explore your sexuality, being romantic, being lusted, being touched.

Why are flings sidelined? It’s the same as being in a relationship, only it’s not love. It’s lust. If a friend with benefits is offering you his or her sexual benefits. Why isn’t it declared???!

The friendliness of Friends have earned them the tag  of ‘friendzoned’. If you aren’t Friends, not even on Facebook, yet you’ve caught each other’s attention, what are you waiting for?

Friendzoned isn’t going to help.Be Flingzoned…!!!


My Friend Alexa – Blogged..!!!

In September, reading blogs was based on analysis than content – thanks to Blogchatter’s campaign – My Friend Alexa! It was like staring at numbers.

It’s a good campaign. Increases visibility of a blog and author. Every blog climaxes with same words like:
“I’m taking my Alexa rank to next level with My Friend Alexa. My Alexa rank is: Global – 885,233. Rank in India– 85,233” 

If you have an analysis, why read the blog?!  Read the title and jump to the climax – The Alexa rank. If  it has dropped, then continue reading. If not, then switch to next blog…!!!

Online Marketing gone wrong hits!

A blogger tweets about unchanged Alexa rank despite writing ‘n’ number of blogposts, sharing, linking and what not. I would like to tell this blogger that Quality matters over Quantity. Rank and age are numbers!

As a storyteller, you would be in a limbo, facing a wall if you emphasize on quantity. Quantity is numbers. What do you want to do as an author? Analyse OR Develop content?

Tina Basu

(This blog is written on a lighter vein on My Friend Alexa campaign as promoted by BlogChatter. It is a part of #FridayFotoFiction which is separate campaign)

Last 30 words are edited on Nov 20 as I am no longer a part of #FridayFotoFiction campaign. The meaning remains the same. 

Straight as an Arrow

“Why was he was in managers’ party?” I asked Aditi and Sakina on returning to the table after dropping him off to an OLA. “He’s not your muse. He’s not even your ‘Friendzoned’ guy.” 

Aditi ignored the question. Drunk and cruel, she commented, “You gays look cute – holding hands. He doesn’t speak much. But you could’ve declared you’re gay”
“Bisexual…!” Sakina corrected counting an encounter.

“Neither of us is gay Aditi. Have you ever asked why he doesn’t speak much in office? Do you have the slightest idea of the issues he faces back home, Sakina?? Is this how you manage resources???” I asked both female managers in a voice loud enough to be heard by the Director attending the party. 

“Let’s discuss this on Monday…” he said coming over. “Yuvi, get Kaizad along.” 
Instantly, I messaged him: 

“Congratulations! We’re promoted…!!!”

Written for #FridayFotoFiction promoted by Tina Basu and Mayuri.