Straight as an Arrow

“Why was he was in managers’ party?” I asked Aditi and Sakina on returning to the table after dropping him off to an OLA. “He’s not your muse. He’s not even your ‘Friendzoned’ guy.” 

Aditi ignored the question. Drunk and cruel, she commented, “You gays look cute – holding hands. He doesn’t speak much. But you could’ve declared you’re gay”
“Bisexual…!” Sakina corrected counting an encounter.

“Neither of us is gay Aditi. Have you ever asked why he doesn’t speak much in office? Do you have the slightest idea of the issues he faces back home, Sakina?? Is this how you manage resources???” I asked both female managers in a voice loud enough to be heard by the Director attending the party. 

“Let’s discuss this on Monday…” he said coming over. “Yuvi, get Kaizad along.” 
Instantly, I messaged him: 

“Congratulations! We’re promoted…!!!”

Written for #FridayFotoFiction promoted by Tina Basu and Mayuri. 


An Informal Monday

It was 8:00 AM and it was late.

When the backup alarm of 8:00 AM went off, Chhaya sat upright in the bed and frantically typed ‘Lavasa to Magarpatta’ on Google Maps. It read 2hr 34 min. The Sales Forecast Meeting due at 10:00 AM looked evasive.

When we had bumped into each other at the coffee machine on Friday, the plan was to spend the Saturday night in the serenity of Lavasa. But, flings are tempting. Sunday was much more beautiful and the night equally exhausting. Now that we had overslept, Monday hadn’t started off as planned. The only option was to make a dash for office.

Monday traffic is an unpredictable factor on Pune-Mumbai Expressway. However, the most concerning factor was our attire on Monday than the traffic. The company policy was to strictly attend office in a business attire or ‘formals’ on Mondays. We were in the same casual or ‘informal’ clothes which we wore to office on Friday. There was no time to stop over at our places and change to a business attire.

“Let’s attend the bloody meeting first. Get dressed.” I took a decision handing over her white top & denims. “We could reach in the nick of time if we didn’t stop over for anything. Not even tea.” A peer pressure loomed but it wasn’t of much importance, “Guys are going to notice us…damn!” This point had to be covered. “HR को तुम संभाल लोगी?” I asked tucking in my collared t-shirt in my jeans.

Chhaya didn’t answer. She was already annoyed that we were late. Struggling to wear her top she said finally, “Boss…, HR को email तूम करोगे। Let guys speak the f*** they want to. We better reach on time for today’s meeting.” A bold Chhaya said. With one swift action she pulled out her damaged bra (or whatever was left of it). Shoulder straps were snapped and it looked like a Chinese lantern with the cups still in shape. My heart skipped a beat when she disposed it off.

‘Is she going braless to office…?’ I asked myself. By the time she got dressed and ready to leave, it became obvious. She was going braless to office. Was it Chhaya’s confidence or practicality or stupidity? I don’t know.. but it made sense. Nothing was visible as such. Besides, we couldn’t loose another second if we had to reach office on time.

Before leaving the Lavasa apartment, we exchanged a parting kiss. I am alien to braless culture! She was quick to impart some management wisdom between parting liplocks.

Bra-straps and Rules will break someday. The challenge lies in handling the situation once they snap.

To be continued…

Life through my Bioscope