Characterization: Mitthu

Mitthu was the name of a parrot which I set free from its cage. I always wanted to do something about this incident. This gave birth to Mitthu, the Man. It’s resemblance to name ‘Me Too’ coincided at the right time.

Mitthu, the parrot was a pet for a family of three living in two rooms. The pet was a showpiece than a member. It used to be caged always. At times, it had its moments of spreading its wings during a bath. But I never saw it fly.

(The image is symbolic of Mitthu, the parrot. Cramped up in a small cage, sad, no-one to play with, no toys, nothing. Just hang in there and chirp ‘Namaste’)

While unlatching the cage, I could see the parrot’s different expression. It wasn’t expecting any titbits. Neither was he singing ‘Namaste’. It probably realized that this was something else. 

So… I did it. Set the parrot free and saw it fly away for the first time. It resulted in first estranged relationship with 3 friends which hurt a lot. But today, I was right. I am happy for Mitthu, the parrot – inspiration for the character called Mitthu, the Man


Misplaced but Found

Two artists perplex me – Mouni Roy and Kevin McNally. I wouldn’t cast either for the roles they’re known for!

Joshamme Gibbs as Kevin McNally.

Kevin is a great theatre actor. First Mate Gibbs in POTC wasn’t great choice. I’ve even grown a beard like Gibbs to get an answer to my WHY Gibbs!!!

Tulsi to Naagin, Mouni Roy – WHY?!

Mouni made herself a brand of Indian tele. Best suited for negative roles, she grabbed the opportunity of Tulsi in KSBBT. WHY Naagin now???!

Nonetheless, both are artists and they have undertaken all artistic challenges with their roles and rocked them!